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The Benefits of Journaling on Our Mind

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When actually was the last time you had "me time"? You know, the time of the day, when you snuggle down on your comfy sofa with coffee mug and pen and paper and without being disturbed start journaling and clearing your head writing all your emotions and thoughts down. And drink all your coffee before it gets cold!

Benefits of Journaling
Benefits of Jounaling

The chances are, you have probably heard about some of the benefits of journaling already but finding it really hard to squeeze an extra activity into each day. We are all busy running around the children and consumed in our work that sometimes we completely forget about us. It's always someone else who needs our attention, our help. There were times that I had my little tails following me even to the toilet, no privacy, absolutely no me time until the bed time. And then I fell asleep immediately with exhaustion just to wake up to another marathon

the next day. If someone suggested me keeping journal that time, they would get my

"I am seeing an alien" look.

So why am I suggesting you to reconsider spending your precious five minutes on writing a journal? Only five minutes? Yes, even such a short time can help improve your well being.

The answer is, because I have discovered while journaling the power of writing things down. The freedom which comes with releasing the ideas and emotions from your head. You don't have to stick to the dear diary this happened today format but can try to be more innovative.

Construct your own future on the paper. Plan things ahead, reflect, be grateful for the things you have in your life. What do you want to achieve in your life, what are you passionate about and what gives you goose bumps even when you are just thinking about it? You will be surprise how much you can learn about yourself in relatively short time. Releasing emotions reduces stress and calms you down. You can tackle negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You can track your progress, see yourself growing, becoming calmer. Set yourself goals and commit to achieve them. Writing unlocks blocks in our mind and sometimes provides us with unexpected solutions to the problems. It also boosts our immunity, memory and creativity.

It is your journal, your rules, go on, give it a go, the paper won't judge you.

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