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How to gain clarity and decisiveness

Clarity and decisiveness quote
how to gain clarity and decisiveness

We are always in a rush, trying to constantly keep ourselves busy. And it is sometimes in the middle of all the chaos of it all that we find ourselves stuck.

With no clear ideas or plans, confused, tired and on the brink of burn out.

It is so important to slow down, to listen, to think, to look what's happening.

Here are few of my tips how do regain clarity:

📓 Journal. There are so many ways of journaling but for “unstucking” and clearing your head, set yourself a 20 mins timer and offload on the paper anything that comes to your mind.

💡 Create a thinking space for yourself. Clear some time in your calendar just for thinking.

📱 Eliminate distractions, put your phone on silent at least for the duration of the thinking time or meditation.

🗨 Observe your thoughts without judgment, just label them to understand them and accept them.

☝ Do one thing at a time. Multitasking is great but doing just one thing at a time feels less daunting and is more productive.

🎨 Be creative and experiment. Try different approaches to solve your problem. Sometimes it is great to get your hands dirty and submerge yourself in creative activity.

💬 Talk and listen to your friends, team members, and clients.

🌳 Go for a walk. Movement helps to clear your mind.

These simple, less time consuming than you may think, acts of tranquility, calm and composure can help you to become a more creative and productive person with clear vision.

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