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Hi, I am Bettie

Journaling is scientifically proven to help your mental wellbeing. For the past four years I have been working on developing mindful pocket journals, Wellbeing Journals, which connect creativity with analytical thinking and help improve focus, relieve stress and promote living in the moment.


I have created online and face to face workshops to help you to de-clutter your mind, balance your body and soul and become more focused and happy within yourself, all while having fun. I would love to inspire you, motivate you and share my experience with overcoming challenges.

I am passionate about lettering and have studied graphic design. I am available for commissions to craft your unique mindful message and help you emotionally engage with your clients.

10 facts about me:

1. My full name, which not many people can pronounce, is Alzbeta (Elizabeth in English, hence the Bettie, my parents named me after the Queen).

2. I am obsessed with hand lettering, doodling and collecting old rubbish I can stick to the journals. I not only use tea bags for making tea but also for ageing the journal pages.

3. My other passions are self-care and self-development books and motivational quotes. 


4. I was born in Bohemia (Czech Rep.) but I always wanted to live by the sea.

5. I am mother of twins, took me over 2 years to get over the surprise. Sometimes I still wonder how.

6. I graduated in Diplomacy but switched to Graphic Design as I prefer art over politics. It's more fun.

7. I love long country walks, especially in the autumn with all the colours and rustling leaves.

8. I would not swap my automatic car for manual, sometimes I do get confused on which side of the road I should drive, even after 19 years living in the UK.

9. I am chocoholic and coffeeholic apart from coffee with mint flavour.

10. I love cooking gluten-free meals and experiment with flavours and ingredients.

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