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Hi, I am Bettie

I have been designing things for about 14 years. I am passionate about hand-lettering, typography, and doodling.

Recently, I was wondering how I could be even more involved in making the world a bit better. I absolutely love the idea of mindfulness and self-care. I love asking questions and being curious about things in life. Having to navigate through life as a single mother for a while, I knew I have to look after myself. I developed passion for reading self-care books and journaling and started Wellbeing Journaling. But foremost I am a creative. A designer.

So I am on a mission. To use my graphic design skills to mindfully help businesses like you, who make other people’s lives a bit better aka sustainable, compassionate, and caring about well-being business, to craft your brand identity and other graphic design material that is not only aesthetic but true to your values and help you to attract and build connections with the right clients.

How Can Mindful And Curious Design Help You?

Kindness and compassion are at the top of my values and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to support your business if you have similar values.

I will carefully listen to you and learn about your business. I will create a space for thinking, experimenting, tranquillity and compassion. Together we will find the right tailor made messages to create a strong connection with your audience.

Let's make a difference together.

10 facts about me:

1. My full name, which not many people can pronounce, is Alzbeta (Elizabeth in English, hence the Bettie, my parents named me after the Queen).

2. I am obsessed with hand lettering, doodling and collecting old rubbish I can stick to the journals. I not only use tea bags for making tea but also for ageing the journal pages.

3. My other passions are self-care and self-development books and motivational quotes. 


4. I was born in Bohemia (Czech Rep.) but I always wanted to live by the sea.

5. I am mother of twins, took me over 2 years to get over the surprise. Sometimes I still wonder how.

6. I graduated in Diplomacy but switched to Graphic Design as I prefer art over politics. It's more fun.

7. I love long country walks, especially in the autumn with all the colours and rustling leaves.

8. I would not swap my automatic car for manual, sometimes I do get confused on which side of the road I should drive, even after 19 years living in the UK.

9. I am chocoholic and coffeeholic apart from coffee with mint flavour.

10. I love cooking gluten-free meals and experiment with flavours and ingredients.

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