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Healthy Minds

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

My girls are back at school. Yay, I got more time for my business again and things I love to do. However, as another big change in their life is happening right now, it is a bit worrying time too.

A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of any storm
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Last Friday they started secondary school. They are growing so fast! I am sure they will make lots of new friends there and enjoy learning new things in a very modern and challenging environment. What I really like about the school is the innovative approach. I love the idea of having “healthy minds” lessons. Resilience to stress and learn how to cope with anger are skills both my daughters are lacking to master. To be honest, although I got much calmer recently, I struggle with that sometimes too. I saw a post on Instagram recently, The power of yet. It is a beautiful concept for growing mind-set, so I should add we are lacking to master stress and anger management yet. I am sure we are on the right track.

I am trying to teach my daughters that it is ok sometimes to feel sad or even angry. That everyone is worried sometimes but that it is important not to let their inner worry to paralyse them, overpower them. That by listening to the positive voice inside them, it will guide them to turn the annoying critique voice volume right down. We have established “bedtime chat”, when I lit a candle and they come talk to me to my bedroom about anything that bothers them, and/or they enjoyed that day. They do like to hear stories about me growing up too.

In years to come, I would like to be the lighthouse for them, the safe harbour they come, when they feel lost in rough sea. Someone they can calmly talk to about their worries, someone who listens to them, believes in them and encourages them to try again and again. Someone with warm hugs and contented heart.

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