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Food for the Body and Soul during Hot Summer Days

Are you looking for an ideal dish for hot summer days when cooking can seem of more of an inconvenience than something that is enjoyable? Cooking even in hot weather can become the most important activity adding to relaxation alongside the journaling.

Though healthy cooking may seem daunting and stressful, this healthy, nurturing and easy to make recipe will help elevate your spirits and aid your path to a more natural and well rounded lifestyle. How does this correlate to journaling? Well, to be able to embark on a healthy life and to have a healthy mind you not only need to nourish your mind but your body too. Studies have proven that eating a well balanced diet is key to unlocking health and an state of relaxation as well state as a state of tranquillity and well being. Then there is the act of cooking itself which can be very therapeutic too.

Though the word tzatziki may make the recipe sound daunting or difficult, have fate that this recipe is more simple than you think.

With only requiring minimal ingredients and minimal effort you can create a delicious, healthy, and refreshing side dish, perfect for barbecues, or on the side of meals.


1 Greek yogurt

1 Cucumber

Fresh mint

Garlic clove or paste

Olive oil

Salt, Pepper

1/2 tbs of Honey

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

To make this dish in a more sustainable way you can use the leftover of Greek yogurt from your fridge. You will need to cut 1 or even half a cucumber, depends on how much yogurt you have into small pieces (little squares). Add garlic cut into small pieces or bit of garlic paste. Mix it together and add the seasoning which will make it more flavoursome. The obvious being salt and pepper, but also incorporate honey (organic for the best taste). Then you may include freshly squeezed lemon juice and any herbs you have growing in the garden (preferably mint but thyme or oregano would work too). Add a drizzle of olive oil and mix it thoroughly until the cucumber is covered. Enjoy straight after making.

Text and picture by Isabella Lawrence (as a part of a work experience project)

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