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Playing Big

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

There are lots of books nowadays about empowering women to achieve their potential, about increasing our confidence and well being. There is one book that for me stands out.

Playing Big
Playing Big

Tara's Mohr Playing Big book is brilliant step-by-step practical guide. Depends on which stage of your life you are at the moment you can pick your favourite advice. I am definitely going back to the book later for more ideas.

This website would probably look completely different as I would listen to my inner critic who would tell me that I would not know what to write about, that writing in English would be too difficult, that I should concentrate only on one thing and so on...This little annoying voice of self-doubt is not easy to quieten but it is possible (no worries, I have it covered).

In every chapter I realized that I follow that same self-destroying pattern as many other women but I understand now that there is a way out of it. I have reconnected to my inner wisdom and I am in the process of discovering my callings. I am more aware of danger of praise and look at criticism from different angle. I feel like on new journey for self-discovery.

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