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Things we have control over and things to let go

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

There are certain things in life we have control over and some we don’t. Let’s take the easiest one first, the weather. There is no dispute, we can’t change it. What we can do is to try to find something good on it. I am grateful for rainy days as my garden is getting enough water to stay green. Frost creates beautiful pictures on the windows and cold days are great for snuggling down with good book and warm drink. News and politics is another area we can influence only to certain degree. We can vote and petition, but we can also choose not to become overwhelmed by the news and limit exposure to negativity from it. Do you know exactly how much time are you spending on listening or reading news?

Although we have no control over how other people behave or what actions they take, we can set our boundaries and decide what behaviour we accept or what not and concentrate on our own actions. We can live up to our values. By accepting that we have no control over what other people think or say, we can choose how we react to them. Although we might feel hurt, we can show forgiveness and express love to counter it. This might be easier towards our kids, or other family members and friends. However, there is also a huge relief of stress and liberation from forgiving our enemies. By holding grunge we are not punishing them, we are just reliving the moment in our head over and over again and blocking ourselves from being more productive, happy and in peace with ourselves.

What we can do in difficult times is to take care of ourselves. It is not a selfish act; it is a life saving act. By getting enough sleep, exercising, going out for regular walks, expressing gratitude, and smiling, we are creating positive mind set and are more likely to be able to help others. Setting morning or evening routine and regular time for writing in your journal let say about things you are grateful for or made you smile, help to create a positive habit and improve your mood.

Apart from writing things down, other helpful tips would be taking more responsibility or accept things we can not change. Talk and laugh with your friends. Or when was the last time you “Marie Kondoed” your wardrobe? Give it a try.

I am preparing 6 week online journaling course in September. If you would like to learn more about gratitude, inner critic and establish your journaling habit, subscribe to my page to be the first one to be alerted about the start date.

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