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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Socks and kids
Photo Zazu70 @ Pixabay

Despite my efforts of being a good role model and being persistent in teaching them how to look after their things, I have to admit, my kids are still not there in terms of tidiness. There have been some breakthroughs recently, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, one thing is driving me completely mad. SOCKS!

Over the years I have got used to stepping on all kind of uncomfortable possessions of my dear daughters, mainly Lego bricks, tiny dolls accessories, hair clips, beads...Ouch, very painful experience as I love to walk barefooted at home.

But one habit of theirs exceeds everything. Their socks are left everywhere, most of them under their bed, in the bathroom, corridor. They literally come home from school and leave them in the middle of the living room! I have threaten them to do the same in their house when they grow up. I can't wait to walk into their house, throwing my handbag behind the door, depositing my coat on the sofa and especially leaving my socks in front of their TV.

It probably won't be such a problem after all, as to my horror I realised I most likely caught the sock disease too. I walked the other day to the kitchen and found MY sock on top of the kitchen sink! And yes, it was definitely me leaving it there... Aaaagrrrh

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