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Meal Planner

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

I have always prided myself on cooking home made food prepared from fresh ingredients. My girls were trying new vegetables and fruits each week while being weaned.

From time to time they got covered with food from head to toes but still retained happy, smiling faces. At the age of 4 I struggled to pick vegetable they did not like to try ten times for twin research we are taking part in. They generally love food I cook. Having egg and soya allergy they get a bit nervous eating outside the house, checking every packaging in friends' houses and ask about ingredients in restaurants.

Meal Planner
Meal Planner

Yet in my little experiment here, apart from roast dinner and macaroni and cheese, if they could, they would only eat ice-cream, bacon and hash browns for dinner. I can just hope that by the time they will cook their own dinner, they remember their home made food I lovingly prepared for them and will continue to cook from fresh ingredients and enjoy experimenting with food the same as I do.

To download the planner, please visit my Etsy store.

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