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Funny Things Children Say

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

It's amazing how regardless of their age kids have opinion on almost everything and love joining in discussion they know absolutely nothing about. Have you asked them about the way the world should be run? Or how their school day should look like?

Funny Things Children Say
Funny Things Children Say

My twins are 10 now and don't stop chatting from the moment they wake up till the end of the day when they close their eyes for sleep. I sometimes even hear them mumble from the sleep.

They definitely have opinion on everything and cunning ability to come up with the most bizarre comments, like the other day Twin 1 was complaining to me about rudeness of Twin 2 who said Twin 1 was just peanut without gender...

Over the years they surprised me numerous times with their spontaneity and quick remarks to situation. Twin 1 scolded me for cruelty that I let flowers die and on reply that they are dried flowers she asked me if they will be with us forever. Twin 2 claimed that she never wants to eat eggs as chick might hatch in her tummy and then she will be going around clocking. My mum always used to say, write it down for them, they would love to hear it later. And how right she was.

We have great time now sitting and reading their witty comments. First I was keeping their funny quotes on pieces of papers, but that was bit chaotic way of storing their precious moments, so needed to find better way to keep them in one piece. And the Funny Quotes Kids Notebooks were born.

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