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Journaling for Lonely Souls

I have been contemplating about loneliness for some time now. I have started doing online workshop Journaling for Lonely Souls and the tickets are always quite quickly booked.

Loneliness is a very subjective feeling. Although it is ok to feel lonely from time to time, chronical loneliness is not beneficial to us. The danger of loneliness is that it is often invisible to others but effects the person’s mental and physical health. Some studies identify loneliness as a contributor to developing diabetes type 2, arthritis, hearth problems etc.

I can recall a time when my twin daughters were born, and I was confined to a flat or local shops or park without any friends or family to talk to face to face. Those two years, although filled with looking after my beautiful babies I adored, felt like eternity. I noticed my health improved when we moved to a different area, I met my wonderful new friends and started college to change my career for something a bit more creative, a graphic art.

So how could we help people to feel less lonely?

Check on people in your surroundings, even a short chat can help. Listen and show that you care about them.

Small gestures can brighten someone’s day. Encouragement or compliment can increase someone’s self-worth.

Encourage your employees/colleagues to take part in team building activities and let them discover a new creative hobby.

Be kind. Any act of kindness is never wasted.

If you are the person who suffers from loneliness, although this may seem like a difficult or daunting task, try to find a new purpose. Something which could help others and gets you a bit out of your comfort zone. No need to completely change your life, start small.

Sometimes it is helpful to channel loneliness into creativity, journaling, drawing, or doodling are all very beneficial to mental health. Practicing gratitude will help you to appreciate the good things in life, even if it is admiring the nature while walking and listening to birds’ songs.

Treat yourself like you would your best friend. Be kind and supportive to yourself.

What other suggestions can you think off to tackle loneliness?

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