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Inspiration for Journaling When Time is Precious

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Do you need some more inspiration for your journaling? There are so many inspirational layouts out there and lots of them are very creative. However creating them does not have to be overly time consuming.

Sometimes we would like to be more creative but time is a problem, so many things to do and so little time. To gain benefits from journaling and planning we don't have to spend hours on creating layouts. Small A6 journals, big enough for planning or everyday journaling but not too big to take up too much of our precious time, can be ideal to achieve the right creativity/time balance. In the layout above I used tea bag for the backdrop and doodling and stamps, which made creating the layout superfast and effective.

I am including more ideas from super talented artists. I hope you feel inspired the same way I did while searching for new ideas.

1. Using washi tape and stickers, as Helen from Journal with Purpose did, is another way how to create stunning layouts and fast.

2. Look Bullet's black and white only layout looks simple and clean yet so it is so powerful.

Look Bullet Layout
Look Bullet Layout

3. Rebecca Spooner's quirky little doodles brightens minimalist layout. I totally agree with Rebecca, its not about perfection, it is about the process.

Rebecca Spoon's Planner Layout
Rebecca Spoon's Planner Layout

4. Using ready made kits can speed up the process without compromising on enjoyment and the result. Kerry's website has also very handy tips about using watercolours and mixed media in the journals.

Kerry May Makes Layout
Kerry May Makes Layout
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