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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

What one word would you choose for this year? I have chosen very important but tricky word - Focus.


This year I have started Dream Plan Do with Patricia from Design Trust. It is a great whole year planner, packed with helpful advise for people starting or running a business. It contains techniques to help improve your business but it also has lots of thought provoking questions in it. Its great for visualisation and staying on track. One of the questions was: What's your word for 2018? My answer was Focus. Why did I choose this word?

Through the whole year I am struggling with one thing which I think I am not the only creative to struggle with. How do I know that I focus on the right things and don't waste my time? How do you concentrate on one thing when there are so many distractions and ideas calling for attention?

The answer is quite complicated. But so far everything I do seems to slot together like a puzzles. When I am focused and the decision is right, everything just fits in perfectly. It might not look like as an important decision at first but it becomes crucial a bit later. The "right idea" is never a selfish thing but others must benefit from it too. I have realised that some actions take time, they won't happen immediately and sometimes need readjustments. But without trying, testing and experimenting, I would never find them. Perseverance is key. So is to listen to your heart, (I know it is a bit cliché but apparently according to a research heart influences brain decisions more then it was previously believed, read more about it here ) and search for small clues.

I wish you good luck in staying focused and finding your next big idea in your puzzle. Keep trying and do not give up, it will all slot in the end.

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Isabella Lawrence
Isabella Lawrence
Oct 09, 2018

hi mummy

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