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Consistency keeps the door opened

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

If you were to choose only one word to concentrate on for the whole next year, what would it be? My word for 2019 is consistency.

Consistency is very important for marketing and customer experience. Brands usually try to create consistent message so that the customer knows what to expect and buying decision gets easier and quicker. We as humans are quite lazy and comfortable creatures, if anything can make our lives easier, we will go for it.

Michael Gerber describes in his The E-Myth revisited book customer with antenna. It is a sensor which absorbs the stimuli from environment and helps the customer with the buying decision. But there are also customers expectations playing important role in decision process and huge dose of irrationality. If we love something, we just buy it. Could we do without it, most definitely. But then buying something we love feels sooo damn good.

Consistency gives brand a uniformity, even identity. It creates familiarity, trust and loyalty. Very important three aspects as people buy from people they like and trust.

What I would like continue to create this year is consistent brand, where people recognise my images even without seeing my name underneath. Although I still would like to experiment a bit with different colours and media, I would like to create more visually coherent image. But it is not all about the image. I am about to create a customer experience where hopefully people will be coming over and over again for more goodies. Very exciting times ahead!

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