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Would you like to escape for a moment your hectic life and be creative? Join me in creating pocket wellbeing journals and planners pages from scratch, exactly the way how it suits you. It's fun, relaxing and eye opening. Detox your mind from negative thoughts and redesign your life.


Did you know that journaling has a power to improve sleep and focus, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and reconnect with true yourself? Planning helps you to prioritise, prepare things ahead and achieve your goals. Pre-printed planners and journals you fill in are great way to increase your gratitude, positivity and manage your time. However there is also a beauty in taking control of your journal and creating one from scratch exactly the way it works best for you.  




We are going through very challenging times now. Although we can see the good things coming out of this, such as slower pace of life, more time spent with our children, people being kinder to each other, there are times when we need to take time for ourselves and relax.

​Gratitude and positive moments help us to feel better, even happier. We sometimes need to let go off things which we cannot control. Do you remember the things you laughed about with your children or friends recently? All these good moments can be easily recorded and read back to yourself on the “rainy days” to keep your spirit high, showing that things are not as bad as they seem.

To help you unwind, I have decided to release FREE Wellbeing Journaling Pack which contains 4 A5 journaling templates, and a doodle page, a borders page and an alphabet page as an extra bonus. 

Are you missing creativity in your life? Add colour, doodles, borders, washi tapes in your journals…Possibilities are endless, and it can be sooo relaxing. Give it a try for the next 4 weeks and see the benefits for yourself!

To download the free Journaling Templates PDF file, join my mailing list and a welcoming email with the link will be sent to you shortly.

Mini Bullet Journaling
Humorous Things Children Randomly Say