Re-connect with yourself through well-being journaling

Would you like to escape for a moment your hectic life and be creative? Join me in creating pocket well-being journal's and planning pages from scratch, exactly the way how it suits you. It's fun, relaxing and eye opening. Detox your mind from negative thoughts and design your life.


Did you know that journaling has a power to improve sleep and focus, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and reconnect with true yourself? Planning helps you to prioritise, prepare things ahead and achieve your goals. Pre-printed planners and journals you fill in are great but there is a beauty in taking control of your journal and creating one which works for you the best.  

SIGn UP for CHallenge

Excessive complaining has negative effect on our health. Sign up for Quit Complaining challenge and receive email each week for 3 weeks in January 2020 with useful tips about how to keep a track of habit of complaining, go into more details about why we are complaining and finally learn how to lessen the need to complain.

Mini Bullet Journaling
Humorous Things Children Randomly Say
Motivational Quotes and Positive Vibes
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