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wellbeing journaling

Would you like to escape for a moment your hectic life and be creative? Join me in creating pocket wellbeing journals pages from scratch, exactly the way how it suits you. It's fun, relaxing and eye opening. Detox your mind from negative thoughts and redesign your life.


Did you know that journaling has a power to improve sleep and focus, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and reconnect with true yourself?

Pre-printed journals you fill in are great way to increase your gratitude, positivity and manage your time. However there is also a beauty in taking control of your journal and creating one from scratch exactly the way it works best for you.  



Would you like to pause for a moment and bring more creativity into your life? Join me for a bit of calm and relaxation. In the hour long workshop in the comfort of your home (and mine) we will be creating vintage journal page from scratch, using mixed media. 

Rediscover the artist inside of you and creatively record your thoughts and emotions.


Journaling cards
Vintage ephemera

Being grateful and creating feel good moments contributes to our happiness. Are you ready to create your new wish list or record random acts of kindness? 

Writing down about good moments in life can help you on "rainy days" to keep your spirit high and show that things might not be as bad as they seem.

To help you create your journal pages from scratch, I have prepared FREE 2 A4 pages containing vintage style ephemera and 4 journaling cards

Are you missing creativity in your life? Add cards, ephemera, doodles, washi tapes and stamps in your journals. 

Possibilities are endless, and creating your week journaling pages can become soo relaxing. Give it a try for the next 4 weeks and see the benefits for yourself.

As a part of welcoming package you will also receive a password to resources page on the website, where can you find journaling templates, doodles, borders and other useful resources.

Image by Finde Zukunft