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Balance and Challenges

As I have mentioned many times before, I am interested in achieving balance in life and in pursuit of happiness. For a while now, maybe even since I became a mother. I believe that achieving balance leads to happy life. Actually, it seems to me like our universe is drawn to achieving balance all the time. There is always good and evil, yin and yang, bad day and good day. Without the struggle now and then we would not even notice our happiness.

But sometimes in life the universe throws us bigger challenge, like Covid19. Something we have no control over other then stay at home and try to keep everyone safe. If you are a key worker, I can't express enough gratitude for all the work you are doing. Although each one of us plays important role in the whole process, no matter how small it might look.

After couple weeks of adjustments and new routine, it starting to feel like I am getting my balance back here in the house. They are of course moments which are challenging here, mainly coming from my daughters. They are amazing kids and I am privileged to have them around me. Nevertheless, all of sudden what seems like for no particular reason, usually when I feel happy and relaxed, one of them starts to act out. Usually in these instances I would get stressed out about it. Then one day, after I have started reading book by Will Bowen - Happy this year!: The secret to getting happy, once and for all - something changed. You see, now when my daughters start to play up, I call them "Sacred Clowns" in that moment. These clowns, whose purpose is to cause havoc and disruption, hold strong position in the Native Americans tribes. They keep people's mind in present and focused, they challenge their beliefs, they question their direction. I do believe every person has some Scared Clowns in their life, sometimes in the workplace or in the family. They are important for our self-development, problem solving, personal growth and our healing. They challenge the status quo and make us stronger, grounded. They are helping us to achieve balance. Finally, I feel grateful for my own temporary clowns.

There is one more sacred clown inside us, the inner critic, the annoying voice always trying to put us down, to get us out of our comfort zone, out of our balance. I have already mentioned tips how to quieten the inner clown in this post, however I would also add couple more things which seems to help. One is meditation, which might be difficult with constantly chattering critic, however it gets easier with practice. The other is exercise, either in the form of walk, bike ride, yoga or dance. Stay safe everyone.

TIP: If you are exercising, pay attention to your breath. If the exercise is quiet, let say yoga, count to 30 or 60 in each pose. When your mind wonders away, bring it gently back to your breath or counting, saying to yourself that you have that covered and that you will get back to it later if necessary. Keeping you in the moment, grounded, will help you relax even more.

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