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Build an Art Wellbeing Journaling Habit
in 6 Weeks

Create more positive, calmer you and increase your sense of gratitude and happiness with wellbeing journaling.


Meet Bettie, the creator of Wellbeing Journaling

Journaling is scientifically proven to help your mental wellbeing. For the past five years I have been working on developing mindful pocket journals, Wellbeing Journals, which connect creativity with analytical thinking and help improve focus, relieve stress & promote living in the moment.

4th of February  - 10th of March 
7:30 - 8:30 PM BST


£90 for 6 online workshops
£62 advanced ticket

How much:

Cosy, small group of participants of up to 20 people guaranteed.


What is Wellbeing Journaling

Wellbeing Journaling is using creativity to enhance the benefits of journaling. It is based on scrapbooking techniques with extra purpose to increase a state of wellbeing while recording 3-4 activities during the week. It is based on 4 pillars - recording gratitude, laugh, little victories & things to let go.

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Are the 6 weeks online workshops right for you?

  • You have a lots of going on in your life and feel a bit lost

  • You crave for some relaxing time and creativity

  • You would like to slow down & appreciate present moment

  • You would like to try something new & are not afraid to suck at it at first.

  • You are not afraid to get your hands dirty using different art journaling techniques

  • You are committed to journal at least 3-4 times a week, even if only for 5 mins

What are the benefits of the workshop?

What are the 6 week topics?

What materials I am going to use:

All material mentioned is optional. You are welcome to use anything you have at home and love to journal with.

  • glue stick

  • stamps

  • uni pin fine liner (could be any fine liner)

  • washi tapes

  • water colours

  • acrylics 

  • distress oxide

  • blending tool

  • stencils


Julia B 

Great workshop, highly recommend. Supported by Bettie you make your own wellbeing journal. I can't wait to start using mine during my (long) commute to keep track of the positives in my life. Thanks Bettie :)"

Emily Tudor, Mums in Mind

"The session was really relaxing and each mum benefited from the session. I would totally recommend Bettie for her well-being journaling workshops that she offers."

Charlie C

"Thank you for introducing me to your style of Art Journaling today. I love your creative journaling, you even reminded me that tucked away somewhere I have a boxed of stamps. I have a mind board which I also use for ideas which I'm now putting these ideas down."

Buy a journaling kit for a half price with the ticket.

If you would like to buy a journaling kit together with a ticket for 6 week journaling course for a discounted price to help you start journaling, visit my Etsy shop and claim 50% off with discount code EB022.

Proof of paid ticket for the 6 week journaling course will be required for the kit to be sent.

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